How To Gloss Over Teacher Mistakes Keeping Your Respect And Position of Authority At Your School

Teaching in Korea is a stressful experience when you’re trying to instruct the right way. The majority of native English teachers aren’t a qualified teacher. This means that there are a lot of errors when it comes to grammar and the structure of how sentences work. If you’re teaching your class with the seriousness of a person, it could be extremely difficult for you when you slip up before students. Here are some strategies you can implement in the classroom to lessen the pressure and provide yourself with the opportunity to teach with ease.

The first step is to make fun of them. It is likely that you see your students at least once per week. They consider your class to be an opportunity to relax and get a different experience in the classroom. That’s what they are. There’s no harm in making fun of jokes about yourself and your experiences in Korea. For instance, when I cooked beebimbap for the very first time, I spent more than 25,000 won and two hours trying to figure out the best way to prepare it. purchasing everything I needed and then cooking it. It turned out that it was a spbo 1 disaster to eat. When I share this with students, they love hearing about the way it was cooked in the pan of frying for too long or the way I added some sugar in the sauce made with red peppers. They absolutely are in love!

Second, laugh at the any mistakes that you have made and treat it as if it was a ruse to determine whether the students were paying attention. If you don’t want to spell the word across the table, place an index card at the table of one students with the most trouble (keeps the students quiet and active) and ask students to search for the word. If I make an error and students point it out I correct it by gently rubbing the board using my palm hand, repairing the mistake and telling the students they are “I was testing to see if you were paying attention”. We all laugh and continue ahead.

Third, you must be able to stand up when your teacher corrects you before the class. If you’ve had many years of dating experience then you’ll know the way I’m talking about. It is important to allow others to speak to you in ways that are uncomfortable to accept and behave in a nonchalant manner. One woman told me she loved me, even though she was able to push me away I didn’t care as I continued to be me speaking to her and just being me. This is the same for teaching. If your teacher corrects you, and says”soccer” is not the correct spelling “soccer” is in fact the spelling “soccar” you can just look at them with a smile or a grimace and respond with “well, that’s the way it’s spelled where I’m from!”

It’s hard to argue with this, isn’t it? It is important that you maintain an air of calm and a sense of calm when you are in class. It’s not my intention to that you should be a fool before students. Make sure you are teaching sound, real and exact information, then present yourself to pupils as “they guy who gets it, and is the best, but doesn’t understand how it works”. The majority of people have had the same experience with some thing.